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asphalt sealcoating mnDo you know why your driveway sinks in the front of your garage?

Installing 48” footings under the surface was necessary when the construction of your house occurred. The ground, in its original condition, was disrupted. So before installing your driveway, new gravel was applied to the trench. This is where the footings were located. The gravel can settle over time which causes the driveway to not only lower but also separate.

Due to either a lack of or improper sealing, water can penetrate the seam that is located between the garage apron and the driveway. The base material erodes, creating a cavity under the apron, and that allows the asphalt to settle.

What can I do to repair the sunken apron that’s by my garage?

1. Measure two to three feet from the garage.
2. Take chalk and draw a straight line.
3. Perform a precision cut with a diamond blade asphalt saw cut along the pre-measured line.
4. Remove old asphalt by carefully removing the damaged and sunken area that’s next to the garage.
5. Fill the foundation holes and compact it with new gravel.
6. Add new Class V base gravel to the remaining cut-out section and compact it.
7. New hot asphalt mix is applied to the cut-out section and leveled to the original height of the garage slab.
8. Asphalt rollers and plate compacters compact the new asphalt to create a professional and manicured finish.
9. The entire area is cleaned of debris.
10. The area is bannered off for 24 to 36 hours.

What Does Driveway Apron Mean?

When you examine a driveway, it can have two aprons. One apron is located at the driveway’s entry point which begins at the curb or roadside.
The other apron connects the driveway to the garage.

The aprons that are at the end of a driveway are typically decorative in nature. However, an apron that meets a garage is there for the stability of both your driveway and the foundation of your garage. With the right alignment, traveling in and out of your garage is easy. Over time, however, driveways can sink. A driveway can sink inches lower than its original height, and that can leave a gap of space that can create serious structural damage to not only your driveway but also your garage floor. Therefore, driveway aprons can save your driveway by preventing cracks and damage to your driveway and your garage floor.

What is Asphalt Apron Repair Service?

It’s important for asphalt to be maintained every now and then to avoid major repairs. If you haven’t had your driveway re-sealed in a while, if it has become worn, or if it has begun to sink, chances are it will be in need of repair. Your driveway apron, which can be the most-used part of the driveway if your garage is where you park, specifically could need repairs

If you have a driveway that sinks, apron repairs will need to happen to keep your garage and driveway correctly aligned. Otherwise, your garage and driveway will likely get damaged. In fact, when cracks exist in your driveway, water pools and seep into the foundation and soil of your driveway. This breaks down the asphalt’s foundation, something that is common in driveway aprons that can easily crack.

We at Seal King and seal asphalt cracks when your driveway starts to sink and your apron needs repairs. We can help your property before you’re faced with major structural issues with asphalt patching to replace the damaged sections of the asphalt. With any foundation, the risk of cracks forming is always a possibility when your driveway sinks. However, our simple asphalt apron repairs can help your driveway stay in decent condition longer. This is assuming you maintain your asphalt apron and driveway with asphalt sealing on a frequent basis.

Asphalt Apron Sealing Creates a Stronger Driveway

Do you have a driveway and a driveway apron that is made of asphalt? Living in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you’re faced with rough storms and winter weather. That makes maintaining your driveway and apron even more important. Fortunately, all you have to do is hire an asphalt sealing company to keep your driveway and asphalt driveway in good shape no matter the season. Therefore, to avoid a broken and cracking driveway or apron, get our driveway sealed to have peace of mind during all seasons.

Professional Sealcoating

Is your driveway apron sinking and creating cracks between the driveway and the garage? If so, don’t wait to get your driveway apron fixed. We can help you with asphalt apron repairs and asphalt sealing to make your asphalt apron stronger. We offer the help you need.