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Sealing a parking lot offers a number of benefits. It will not only extend the life of the asphalt but it will also bring down its maintenance costs. Sealing the parking lot will also help in protecting the asphalt from inclement weather and the harsh effects of water, chemicals as well as a variety of other solvents. It also makes the parking lot look attractive and makes it easier to clean.

As far as the time taken for sealing the parking lot is concerned, the size of the lot plays a big role. It is also important to mention here that not all the parking lots are the same and different sealing processes are required in different types of lots. Usually, two coats are sufficient but 3 coats might be needed for bigger parking lots. Multiple coats ensure that asphalt is covered properly. It does not take too long as many contractors can finish it in just one afternoon.

You need to pay special attention to the drying time and it should be given a minimum of 8 hours for complete drying. 8 hours allow the sealant to cure properly. It is important that there is no traffic on the parking lot when it is time to dry. Also, sealant should only be applied in sunny weather. There shouldn’t be any rain and the surface shouldn’t be wet. If you anticipate rain within 8 hours of the application of the sealant, you should postpone the sealing process.

Other weather conditions can also cause problems for the sealing process. For instance, sealant should not be applied on days when the temperature is above 90 degrees. If it is to be applied on such a day, the parking lot needs to be cooled first with clean water. Enough water should be used to dampen the lot but there shouldn’t be any puddles of water.

In order to boost its performance, additives can also be added to the sealant. Addition of latex rubber additives can help in speeding up the drying time for the asphalt. This additive will also help in forming a stronger bond and make the payment more resistant to oil and gas.

There are a number of benefits of sealing a parking lot. As far as the time of application and drying is concerned, it should take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. Sealing will not only make the parking lot look better but will also enhance its service life. Every business owner wants their parking lot to look clean and tidy for their customers. Applying sealant to the parking lot is a process that should be repeated every 2 to 5 years. It can be done more frequently depending on the traffic and condition of the parking lot. It’s an affordable process and will keep your parking lot neat, tidy and clean.