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Why does my driveway sink in front of my garage?

Reason #1

During construction of your house, footings were installed 48 inches below the surface. Before your driveway was installed, new gravel was added to the trench where the footings were located to replace the ground that had been disturbed. A driveway lowers and separates over time as the gravel settles.

Reason #2

Water penetrating the seam between a garage apron and driveway due to a lack, or improper, sealing. When the base material erodes, a cavity is created under the apron, where asphalt settles.

What can be done to fix my sunken apron by the garage?

Ideal Sealcoating has developed a process to fix settled aprons:

  1. Measure: 2-3 feet from the garage and snap a straight chalk line.
  2. Precision Cutting: Diamond blade asphalt saws cut along pre-measured line.
  3. Remove Old Asphalt: Carefully remove damaged and sunken area next to garage.
  4. Fill Foundation Holes: Any holes discovered are filled and compacted with new gravel.
  5. New Base Gravel: New Class V base gravel is added to remaining cut-out section and compacted.
  6. New Asphalt: Hot asphalt mix applied to cut-out section and leveled to original height of garage slab.
  7. Compaction: Plate compactors and asphalt rollers are used to compact new asphalt, creating a manicured and professional finish.
  8. Cleaning: Entire area is thoroughly cleaned of debris.
  9. Banner: Area is bannered off for 24-36 hours.

Although it might seem that your driveway requires the least maintenance, if you don’t take proper care of it, it can require extensive repair work. Particularly if your home has an asphalt driveway, you’ll need to take special care of it so that it can weather the storms of Minnesota – and the vehicles that travel on it. In addition to the fact that it is a beautiful, clean-cut black driveway, asphalt also needs to be maintained. Among your driveway’s components, asphalt aprons endure the most wear and tear. Ideal Sealcoating offers asphalt driveway apron repairs and sealing for homes in need. We also offer apron replacement services.

What is a Driveway Apron?

An entry apron can connect the driveway to your garage and another apron can be at the driveway’s entry point, beginning by the curb or roadside. In contrast to driveway aprons at the end of the driveway, garage aprons are meant to prevent your driveway and garage from shifting. Getting in and out of your garage is easy if your driveway is aligned with your garage floor. However, over time, driveways may sink a little. In the event that your driveway or garage floor drops inches below its original level, serious structural damage could result. Driveway aprons play a major role in preserving your driveway in these situations. A driveway apron can help prevent damage to your garage floor and driveway when your driveway sinks.

Asphalt Apron Repair Service

For asphalt to last as long as possible, it needs a little maintenance here and there. If it has been some time since you had your driveway re-sealed, if it has become too worn down to hold steady or has begun to sink, then it might need to be repaired. You may need to fix the apron of your driveway if you park in your garage, since it can be the most-used part of the driveway. The apron repairs you need to make will keep your driveway and garage aligned, especially if you have a sinking driveway. Misaligned garages and driveways leave both of them open to damage. If your driveway has cracks, water pools and seeps into the soil and foundation, causing the asphalt to crumble. Pavement aprons are especially susceptible to cracking. We use asphalt patching to replace sections of damaged asphalt when your driveway sinks and your asphalt apron needs to be repaired. Ideal Sealcoating can seal your asphalt cracks before they become structural issues. A sinking driveway will always put your foundation at risk of cracks forming. However, with a simple asphalt apron repair, along with a regular asphalt sealer, you can extend the lifespan of your driveway for much longer than it would have otherwise.

Asphalt Apron Sealing for a Stronger Driveway

You should be aware that if you have an asphalt driveway as well as an asphalt driveway apron, you need to maintain them, especially during Minnesota and Wisconsin winter storms. You can easily keep your asphalt driveway apron in good shape in any season by simply hiring a company that seals asphalt roads like Ideal Sealcoating. The winter weather can cause cracked and broken driveways and aprons. Protect your driveway this winter by having it sealed.

Professional Sealcoating

Don’t wait to fix your driveway apron if it has begun to sink, causing cracks between the garage and driveway. Ideal Sealcoating offers asphalt apron repairs and asphalt sealing to reinforce your asphalt apron.