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driveway sealcoatingWith driveway sealcoating, you can extend the life of your driveway and stop it from deteriorating. In addition to preventing water from corroding asphalt surfaces, sealcoatings prevent deterioration by repelling water. Corrosion and cracking can also be caused by salt, chemicals, sunlight, and oxygen, in addition to water.

You can prevent erosion and damage to your driveway by applying sealcoating periodically.  Sealcoating driveways has the additional benefit of requiring little maintenance.

What Is the Best Time of Year for Driveway Sealcoating?

Sealing your driveway every two to five years is recommended. It’s time to seal the asphalt again if you can see the color of the stones. The ideal time of year for driveway sealcoating is between May and October. Nevertheless, you should check the weather forecast to make sure it won’t rain while the driveway is setting. It is important not to touch or drive on the seal coated driveway for at least 12 hours.

Why Homeowners Should Choose Ideal Sealcoating for Driveway Sealcoating

We specialize in sealing, patching, and asphalt pouring for residential and commercial properties. As driveway sealcoating specialists in North Branch, MN, we know that right now is the perfect time to sealcoat your driveway. Sealcoating driveways is what we do best. Contact Ideal Sealcoating for your driveway sealcoating needs today!

Also, we can pave asphalt, stamp concrete, pave sidewalks, pave concrete steps, pave concrete stairs, and much more. To provide you with exceptional service and deliver your project on time, we have the necessary equipment and experienced crews. Driveway sealcoating is affordable when you contact us.

We specialize in driveway sealing, asphalt parking lots, and patching. Contact Ideal Sealcoating for all your asphalt maintenance needs.