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The first impression a customer has of your business is typically formed by its parking lot, and if they see a lot of dirt, trash, and stains, they may not have high expectations.

If your parking lot is clean, people will feel good about entering your business. Since potholes and cracks are more visible and easier to fix in well-maintained parking lots, they are safer for both cars and pedestrians. In addition, keeping the lot clean will slow down deterioration, extending the parking lot’s usable life.

A clean and well-maintained parking lot is a vital part of owning and operating a business, and it is important to do it right the first time.

Debris, trash, and dirt must be removed

Picking up trash, sweeping away dirt, and removing other debris are the first steps to cleaning a parking lot. It’s amazing what a simple change like this can do for the appearance of your lot.

The surface is also easier to clean, as well as to spot cracks or potholes that may have formed. Daily trash pick-up is essential. Keeping the parking lot clean will not only keep it free of litter, but it will also encourage others to keep it clean.

Remove Any Surface Stains

Asphalt will always have stains. Mildew stains can be caused by leaves and other moisture-holding debris, mold can result from standing water, and vehicles can leak oil or other fluids, causing stains of all kinds.

The asphalt can be stained even by discarded drinks and food. Asphalt stains are harder to remove the longer they remain on the surface, so regular parking lot cleaning is essential. Researching safe and effective cleaning products that won’t lead to parking lot damage can also help you remove these stains.

Pressure Wash the Surface

After removing the stains from the asphalt surface, you should clean the entire parking lot. Cleaning a dirty parking lot with a pressure washer is a quick and convenient way to keep it clean. Obviously this should be done before the weather turns too cold.

If you clean the asphalt with hot water and the right cleaning solution, any dirt and stain residue will be removed. Make sure the asphalt is cleaned even better with a stiff-bristled broom, which will prevent dirt or debris from adhering.

Fill Any Cracks or Potholes

Asphalt can become cracked over time due to exposure to water and varying temperatures. Unresolved issues can get worse the longer they are left unattended.

It is only possible to fix them by repaving the entire parking lot. When potholes and cracks occur, they should be repaired as soon as possible, as doing so eliminates the potential problem quickly and saves money on long-term maintenance.

Sealcoat Every Two Years

To protect a parking lot from chemicals and harmful elements, a sealcoat is applied to the surface. Even after some time has passed, the coating ensures that the asphalt surface looks like new.

Every two years, you must reapply sealcoating to your parking lot to ensure its protection. A parking lot will last for years if you take this step.

Install the Right Drainage Solution

Water, motor oil, and cleaning solutions not only create a dirty lot; they can also damage it, causing cracks and potholes. It is important that these fluids and other small debris have a place to go, since they can significantly reduce the lifespan of your parking lot. In terms of cleaning away chemicals and debris naturally, drainage is your best friend.

Never Overlook a Clean Parking Lot

Parking lots may not seem like much, but they have a huge impact on a business’ reputation. It is bad for business when a parking lot is dirty, but it can also lead to injuries and vehicle damage, which have their own set of consequences.

The regular maintenance of a parking lot and the installation of a reliable drainage system like Slot Drain can help preserve the life of the lot. A well-maintained parking lot will remain safe and in good condition for many years.