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Maintaining your asphalt pavement properly is crucial for any business. When asphalt is not regularly maintained, water, sun, air, and traffic cause it to erode. Solid foundations, quality asphalt mix, and professional installation can extend the life of your pavement, but routine maintenance is required.


Pavements should be preserved and extended as long as possible by Ideal Sealcoating. As part of our asphalt repair and maintenance services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we use the following methods.


Maintenance Methods

      Patching: This process is necessary when a localized area of asphalt pavement has completely deteriorated. A quick, inexpensive solution to stress cracks and potholes is a surface patch. In order to provide a long-term solution, the pavement needs to be removed and replaced down to its core. 


      Cracksealing: This process protects pavements by preventing water from entering the base layer. Due to rapid temperature changes or heavy traffic loads, cracks develop in asphalt as it ages. After cutting the edges, cracks should be sealed with a rubberized cracksealer to maximize adhesion.


      Sealcoating: Sealcoating asphalt every three to seven years reduces overall repair costs, improves appearance, and extends the life of asphalt by preventing oxidation and water penetration.


      Overlays: Overlays consist of a layer of new asphalt that’s 1.5 to 2.5 inches thick. Overlays strengthen and beautify the pavement. Repair any areas that need attention before applying the overlay.


We can quickly and efficiently patch potholes after a severe winter. You can rely on our maintenance services to keep your asphalt safe and improve its appearance and functionality.


We specialize in asphalt. You can trust us to provide you with a roadway or parking lot that you can be proud of.


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Ideal Sealcoating  can recommend the most suitable asphalt maintenance method based on the condition of your pavement. The paving services we provide are excellent for apartment complexes, schools, churches, business owners, corporate facilities, property managers, and more! You will enjoy our commitment to quality products and reasonable pricing. Our Minneapolis and St. Paul asphalt paving maintenance team is available today