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asphalt repairThere are a few warning signals that point to the necessity for asphalt repairs or parking lot modifications in the near future.

  1. Drainage Problems

It pays sense to talk with a contractor if you observe puddles in your parking lot or driveway that do not dry up quickly. Allowing moisture to remain on asphalt increases the likelihood that it may seep through the surface and negatively affect the interior binding agents. Rapid problem-solving reduces the likelihood that cracks, potholes, and other problems will appear.

2. Alligator Cracking

Unsurprisingly, the name of these flaws originates from how they seem, which many compare to alligator skin. Even though these kinds of fissures are not particularly deep, they may need extensive reclamation processes to be entirely repaired. It should be emphasized that not all cracks require immediate attention. However, professional assistance is probably required if the fissures are wider than a quarter of an inch.

3. Warped Asphalt

Warping and buckling of asphalt surfaces are frequently caused by the presence of heavy vehicles, but poor base construction can also have the same effect. When this kind of damage is relatively minor, a quick patch job may be sufficient, but more substantial warping typically necessitates replacing the asphalt surface entirely. An expert in asphalt will have the knowledge required to provide guidance on such a decision.

  1. Sinking Asphalt

Contractors lay down an asphalt surface on top of a crushed or compacted stone base. The parking surface may begin to sink as the base erodes over time; this is especially true in areas of the lot close to buildings. Sinking may also be a sign if storm downspouts have left too much water on the lot’s surface. If so, gutter repairs can also be required in addition to your asphalt work.

5. Fading and staining 5.

Vehicle fluids and other types of chemicals can destroy the asphalt’s binding agents when they come into touch with them. Contact a driveway repair expert whenever a chemical stain is seen or there has been a known spill of liquids on asphalt. The sun’s UV rays may be to fault if the driveway surface has started to deteriorate. Sealcoating could offer a short-term fix, but eventually a complete resurfacing is the best option.

6. Edge Breakage

Crumbling and fracture may occur if curbs or concrete gutters were not erected, leaving the parking lot’s surface unprotected along the edges. Asphalt removal and replacement are required in such cases.

  1. Development of Potholes

The problem of potholes may be the biggest annoyance for any driveway or parking lot owner. They are not only unsightly, but they can also be harmful. Water that seeps into asphalt cracks throughout the winter has a chance to freeze, grow, and enlarge already-existing spaces. Potholes will appear over time.

If any of the aforementioned issues have caught your attention, Ideal Sealcoating should be your next phone call.  Get in touch with us right away so we can start protecting your asphalt against future harsh winters.