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asphalt repair st. paulThere are a few telltale signs that suggest that parking lot upgrades or asphalt repairs are needed in the immediate future.

1. Drainage Issues

If you notice that there are puddles in the driveway or your parking lot that do not dissipate quickly, it makes good sense to speak with a contractor. If moisture is permitted to sit on asphalt, it has a tendency to penetrate the surface and have a negative impact on internal binding agents. Addressing the problem promptly lowers the risk that cracks, potholes and other issues will develop.

2. Alligator Cracking

The name of these defects comes, not surprisingly, from the way they look, which many liken to the skin of an alligator. While these sorts of cracks are not terribly deep, they can require deep reclamation techniques in order to be fully rectified. It should be noted that not all cracks call for instantaneous repair efforts. However, if there are cracks that exceed a quarter of an inch in width, professional assistance is likely in order.

3. Warped Asphalt

The frequent presence of heavy vehicles often leads to warping and buckling of asphalt surfaces, but faulty base materials and installation can produce the same result. When damage of this nature is fairly limited, a simple patching job may suffice, but warping that is more significant usually calls for a full replacement of the asphalt surface. An asphalt professional will have the expertise necessary to advise on a decision of this sort.

4. Sunken Asphalt

When an asphalt surface is laid, contractors apply it to a base made of crushed or compacted stone. As the base proceeds to erode over time, the parking surface can start to sink, and this is particularly true in parts of the lot located next to buildings. Sinking can also indicate that water is being left too close to the lot’s surface by storm downspots. If this is the case, gutter repairs may be necessary in addition to your asphalt work.

5. Fading And Staining

The binding agents within asphalt can be degraded by vehicle fluids and other kinds of chemicals with which they come into contact. Whenever a chemical stain is noticed or there is a known spillage of fluids on asphalt, get in touch with a driveway repair professional. If the driveway surface has begin to fade, it is possible that the sun’s UV rays are to blame. Sealcoating may provide a temporary remedy, but eventually, a full resurfacing is the way to go.

6. Edge Breakage

If a parking lot’s surface lacks protection near the edges because no curbs or concrete gutters were installed, crumbling and breakage can result. Under such circumstances, asphalt removal and replacement is necessary.

7. Pothole Development

Perhaps the biggest nuisance for any parking lot or driveway owner is the issue of potholes. Not only are they ugly, they can be dangerous as well. As water makes its way into asphalt cracks over the winter months, it has a chance to freeze, expand, and worsen existing gaps. Over time, potholes will emerge.

If you are among those who have noticed any of the above concerns, Ideal Sealcoating should be your next call. With rougly 25 years of experience assisting New Jersey residents with their parking lot and driveway issues, we provide a host of options to keep your surfaces in top condition. Get in touch today, and we can begin the process of safeguarding your asphalt now and through the rough winters to come.