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Winter can be a very difficult time because of precipitation of snow. It can cause the temperatures to drop to extreme levels, wreaking havoc on your asphalt driveway, causing damage such as stains, cracks, and other complications. That’s why doing maintenance to your asphalt driveway during the fall is the best time. This will include sealing the driveway, patching it, and cleaning it, protecting it from what could potentially happen during the harsh winter months. The guide below will show you what needs to be done.

Reasons To Schedule Driveway Repairs & Maintenance During The Fall

Maintain Moisture Levels
the freeze thaw cycle during winter can cause considerable damage to any driveway made of asphalt. When it snows, and then it thaws, cracks can develop in the pavement, and this will allow any of the moisture on top to go below the surface. If the temperature drops once more, this can freeze, causing it to expand. This will put an inordinate amount of pressure on the asphalt, causing the cracks to get bigger. This can lead to asphalt rubble, potholes, and other problems. Even worse, once the moisture is penetrated the surface, during the next freeze thaw cycle, it will cause advanced deterioration. By taking care of the cracks, specifically working with an asphalt ceiling company, you can prevent any of this damage or deterioration from happening.

Prevent Corrosive Oils From Getting In
There is another problem that can happen which occurs when the snow is melting, leading to corrosive oil that may have come from a car, such as the transmission oil, brake fluid, or engine oil, from going below the surface. The chemical bonds that are designed to keep the pavement together will begin to deteriorate because of this process. By providing proper maintenance and cleaning regularly, this can be prevented. Most people do this by using a pressure washer which can remove any of these corrosive substances, including dirt, leaves, and any other type of debris which can collect moisture, hold onto it, and eventually allow it to seep below the surface.

By doing fall maintenance and driveway repair during this time, the surface of your asphalt can be better suited for the rigors of winter that are going to occur for as long as possible. If you would like to take advantage of reliable experts that can provide the services, consider contacting Ideal Sealcoating.