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As the weather becomes colder, it is important to consider the exterior of our house, or our building, in regard to cleaning up the landscaping, gardens, but what about our asphalt pavement?
Similar to your perennials, your asphalt parking that or driveway will need specific attention, as well as maintenance, to prepare it for the colder weather coming.
There are many asphalt contractors, specifically at IdealSeal, that are going to provide their services in Madison to Milwaukee, which can do many things, some of which are simple, that can help prepare your asphalt for the snow and winter.

Here are a few tips that you can read below!
1. How To Get Asphalt Ready For The Winter
Once the weather begins to get colder, you will be shocked to know that your asphalt is actually changing.
As it begins to go through the finding and freezing cycle that is very common in Minnesota, the asphalt is going to contract and expand, especially in regard to moisture that is in the air, as well as moisture that is in the ground.

There are many steps that you can take to maintain your asphalt, ensuring that its structural integrity is maintained, giving it the best ability to survive the winter months. This would include:

Repairing any potholes that are in the asphalt so that they do not expanding get larger. You can see our brochure to learn more about what happens to potholes during the winter months.

You should have any cracks that are in your pavement filled so that water cannot get underneath because this can compromise the subbase of the asphalt.
Applying a seal coat on the asphalt itself can protect it from changing temperatures that the harsh winters can bring.

2. Clean Up Debris
Making sure that your parking lots and driveways are clear of debris can make sure that all of the snow can be safely removed. It is also a good idea to use blowers and brooms for small driveways, but you should also consider doing this for your business driveway, specifically for three reasons:

Getting a professional company to clean it will actually reveal structural issues such as pot holes or cracks that need to be repaired.
You should be sure to remove any debris that could actually interfere with the snow removal process.
Make sure that larger pieces of debris do not freeze in place which can damage the asphalt over time, specifically if it is a very cold winter.

3. The Best Maintenance Essentials Asphalt
Make sure that your asphalt looks its absolute best, right after the snow melts, and to do this you need to get a few items.

Shovels and Snow Removal Services
Getting several shovels for your business or home can ensure that ice and snow were cleared away very easily. You can get shovels that are not designed with sharp edges, mostly because they will not be able to damage or chip the pavement as easily.
For your municipality your business, contact snow removal services, specifically looking for the most professional companies. They should offer 24 hour services so that you can have one dispatched out to your location immediately if needed.

Why You Need Deicer In The Winter
To prevent slippery and icy services from forming on your parking lot, or at the entrance to your business, be sure to get the right products. There are many different types of deicers that you can use which are designed to work at specific temperatures. While not all deicers will work on asphalt, you need to find the ones that do and they should be used sparingly and also should be environmentally friendly.

Cold-Mix for Pothole Repair
When you start to notice potholes developing on your asphalt, you should invest in what is called cold mix asphalt which is perfect for pothole repairs. It is recommended that you find a professional asphalt contractor that can mix it up for you, and repair your potholes, so as to diminish the possibility of surface damage to your asphalt during the winter. IdealSeal uses a very specific type of cold mix asphalt which is made for Minnesota winters. We have a video that you can watch that can help you understand the cold mix asphalt process.

4. Eliminate Standing Water On Your Asphalt Surfaces
Preparing for winter will require you to look for areas where water will pool on your asphalt. By noting down these locations, you can have these areas repaired in the spring, but you should also try to remove the standing water before it can turn to ice. This is very important for business parking lots and thoroughfares.

If you have any additional questions, please be sure to contact us directly as we are always happy to help answer questions regarding asphalt paving during the winter months.